Outdoor fitness centres

Get active and healthy for free

Not only can you go for a walk or jog along our picturesque foreshore, take the opportunity to get healthy and active, while enjoying the outdoors, in your local area. Add variety to your exercise routine by using Council’s free outdoor fitness equipment located at various stations across the City and it's surrounds – a convenient and cost effective way to get fit.


Mill Park, Rhodes (northern end of Shoreline Drive)

The equipment at Mill Park fitness station includes:

  • Sit up board
  • Soft fall surfacing
  • Vault bar
  • Step ups bars
  • Leg lift
  • Push up bars
  • Chin up bars.

The equipment is both suitable for children and adults and provides a great opportunity for families to exercise together.


Surrounding areas

Other outdoor fitness stations are also located along the Bay Run in Leichhardt and King George Parks.

Bay Run - Leichhardt Park, Leichhardt (located below Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre, adjacent to the playground)


King Georges Park, Rozelle (located adjacent to the playground)


Other healthy activities nearby include:

  • Cycle and walking paths
  • Sydney Olympic Park
  • Rhodes Park.