Local Strategic Planning Statement

The Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) describes the area’s economic, social and environmental goals over the next 20 years (to 2036) and is the primary land-use strategic planning document for the City of Canada Bay.

The LSPS identifies planning priorities for our environment and infrastructure, and the character of our centres and neighbourhoods, to preserve and enhance our lifestyle into the future.

The LSPS is a land use plan that aligns with and implements Our Future 2036 the Community Strategic Plan (CSP) for the City of Canada Bay, which was prepared by Council in consultation with the community.

The LSPS is divided into four subject areas: Infrastructure and Collaboration, Liveability, Productivity and Sustainability with Planning Priorities and Actions in each. It contains 84 short-, medium- and long-term actions that Council will take to achieve the community’s Land Use Vision, which is illustrated in the Structure Plan.

The LSPS informs Council’s other land-use plans, studies and strategies including Council’s Local Environmental Plan (LEP), Development Control Plan (DCP) and Development Contributions Plan and identifies additional strategies and policies that will be developed.

The LSPS was prepared in accordance with clause 3.9 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (the EP&A Act). It gives effect to the NSW Government’s state-wide and regional planning priorities, including directions and actions of A Metropolis of Three Cities 2016-2036 (Region Plan) and the Eastern City District Plan 2016-2036 (District Plan).

On 25 March 2020, the Greater Sydney Commission granted formal Assurance that it is consistent with the District Plan.

The LSPS will be regularly reviewed to capture the latest data about our community, housing, transport, infrastructure and environment.