Local planning statement

Following extensive community consultation, we now have a Local Strategic Planning Statement that captures the community's vision for the future land use and character of our area. 

The statement contains a snapshot of the City of Canada Bay's place and people, as well as what is unique about the area. It informs how our neighbourhood will look 20 years from now, sets a future direction around things such as how land is zoned, the height of buildings, protection of trees, and more. It contains 84 Actions that we will take to achieve our Land Use Vision, which is illustrated in the Structure Plan.

The draft Local Strategic Planning Statement was adopted by Council on 15 October 2019. Then, on 25 March 2020, the Greater Sydney Commission granted formal Assurance that it is consistent with the Eastern City District Plan.

This means we are doing our part to deliver the strategic plan for the whole of Sydney, contained in the Greater Sydney Region Plan – A Metropolis of Three Cities.

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What is a Local Strategic Planning Statement?

The Local Strategic Planning Statement will set out:

  • Council's and the community's vision for land-use in the local government area
  • The special characteristics which contribute to our local identity
  • Shared community values to be maintained and enhanced
  • How growth and change will be managed into the future

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Is Council required to have a Local Strategic Planning Statement?

Yes. In March 2018, amendments to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act) introduced new requirements for councils to prepare and make Local Strategic Planning Statement.

What is the purpose of a Local Strategic Planning Statement?

The statement will implement actions that Council is required to address under various state government plans. Click here for more information.

But more than that, the local planning statement will act as a unifying document, drawing together and summarising planning priorities identified in these plans and Council’s own community strategic plan (CSP), and Council’s and the community’s vision and priorities for the future.

It will provide the local context and set out local-scale actions and priorities to enhance and future proof our area. It will also identify where further strategic planning investigation may be needed.

What is the role of a Local Strategic Planning Statement in planning?

The statement will provide the reasoning for any future changes to Council’s planning controls and shape how Council’s local environmental plan (LEP) and development control plan (DCP) evolve over time. These controls are used when applicants prepare a development application or when a planning assessment is made.