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Bold solution for Victoria Road: Mayor Tsirekas proposes tunnel under Drummoyne

Council | 17 February 2021

“To save Drummoyne’s town centre from being further destroyed by increasing congestion, I am calling on the State Government to urgently investigate the potential for the M4-M5 Iron Cove Link to continue under Drummoyne to the Gladesville Bridge,” City of Canada Bay Mayor Angelo Tsirekas said.

Victoria Road is one of Sydney’s busiest and most congested transport corridors, and it is also the main street in one of the City of Canada Bay’s major town centres.

“Issues relating to traffic and congestion, parking, and noise pollution have confronted Drummoyne for most of its recent history and these issues seem to have almost become insurmountable,” Mayor Tsirekas said.

“The M4-M5 interchange extension to the Rozelle side of Iron Cove will be completed within years, funneling more and more traffic from the city and adding more congestion from the new toll road network over the Iron Cove Bridge into Drummoyne and over Gladesville Bridge.”

Documentation to support the M4-M5 Iron Cove Link indicates that by 2023, the volume of vehicles passing through Drummoyne and over Gladesville Bridge will reach 89,900 on an average week day.

In 2033 once the currently planned tunnelling is complete, the volume is predicated to reach 98,500. Meanwhile, according to promotional material for the Iron Cove Link, traffic through the Rozelle section of Victoria Road will be “almost halved”.

“This Council cannot sit back and allow the State Government to make a freeway out of what should be, and can be, one of this City’s most idyllic town centres.”

“Our residents deserve better and we must fight for Victoria Road to be handed back to our community.”

“The time to explore all options for Drummoyne is now, and I urge the State Government to look at the bold solution of extending the tunnel to the Gladesville Bridge,” Mayor Tsirekas said.

There are many potential benefits for both commuters and for the local community. Handing back Victoria Road to the community could mean more trees planted along the stretch of road, safe cycling lanes, speed limits could be decreased, parking allowed in front of local businesses, and a transformed pedestrianisation of the precinct.

“I hope that both of our local State and Federal members will be supportive of further investigation of this solution and I will be writing to them and inviting them to join Council in advocating to the State Government on this issue.”

Council | 17 February 2021