Jewel in Rhodes' crown launched
Thu, 07/01/2016 - 09:58

"This incredible outdoor space – to be known as Phoenix Park - is a fantastic addition to Rhodes and will become a real focal point for the community to enjoy,” Mayor Tsirekas said.

“This was a joint project with Council. Developer Billbergia and Renewing Homebush Bay and is another example of collaboration between the private and public sector, with the parkland transferred to public ownership.”

Phoenix Park features:

              The public art developed by Jason Wing celebrates the mullet feast that was held in Homebush Bay by local indigenous tribes every three to five years to coincide with the mullet gathering in the bay to mate.  Many regional tribes used to gather to celebrate the feast and it as an opportunity to arrange marriages, settle disputes and socialise.

              Jason used corten steel to also acknowledge the industrial heritage of the Peninsula post white settlement.

              Jason is a well-known public artist in the inner west of Sydney who strongly identifies with his Chinese and Aboriginal heritage.  He began as a street artist and has since expanded to incorporate photo media, installation and painting.  Jason has exhibited nationally and internationally and has worked with the City of Canada Bay in the past on other public art pieces.

              The park was designed and delivered in partnership with Occulus, Stuart Noble Associated and Architectural Graphics.