Environmental reporting

Environmental reporting

In 2014 Council set a number of environmental targets, based upon a baseline year of financial year 2011/12, aiming to reach each target by 2023. These targets are listed below, along with an update on how we are tracking towards each target.


Progress towards target as of 30 June 2018

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 35 per cent

2.1 per cent increase on 2011/12 levels

Replace 30 per cent of traditional energy supply with alternative renewable sources

1.2 per cent of Council's current electricity consumption comes from a renewable source

Reduce GHG emissions from fuel consumption by 10 per cent

11 per cent reduction on 2011/12 levels

Reduce emissions from paper consumption by 10 per cent

97 per cent reduction on 2011/12 levels

Reduce potable water consumption by 50 per cent

94 per cent increase on 2011/12 usage

For a more detailed account of Council's work towards these environmental targets please see its latest State of Environment Report.