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ANZAC Day 2020

ANZAC Day 2020

This Anzac Day, community members are invited to honour the memory of Australian men and women who have served in and died in war.

RSL NSW is asking Australians to stand together even though we’re apart by taking part in a collective Dawn Service. Join with RSL NSW and stand at the end of your driveway or on your balcony at 6am on Anzac Day. 

For information on the RSL NSW live and virtual commemorative services starting at 6am on Anzac Day, Saturday, 25 April please visit

City of Canada Bay Council's Library services are reskinning their library catalogue with Anzac Day images and links to the following uploaded digital photo archives:

More Than Just a Name WW1 Multimedia Project—a collection of 58 videos produced in 2014

More Than Just a Name—Canada Bay Online Honour Roll

More Than Just a Name—WW1 Archive Posts

Signing up to our libraries is easy, and will give you immediate access to all our e-resources, including Anzac Day themed stories for children in the popular Storybox. Sign up to our weekly e-newsletter to see selections the Library has made to commemorate Anzac Day. For more information about Canada Bay Libraries activities please visit: CCBC Libraries


25 April 2020:
6:00am - 11:59pm