Human Robot Friendship Ball

Human Robot Friendship Ball

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Are you a robot who likes humans, or a human who likes robots? 

We know robots are already here amongst us... Can we be friends with robots? How can we understand the role of robots in our lives and communities? Who dances the macarena better, humans or robots?

In 2019, the popular Human+Robot Friendship Ball returns for a huge third year to answer these questions. This gathering brings together Sydney's robot community to celebrate the bonds between human and machine with a range of hands-on activities, robot demonstrations, games and dancing. 

The Human+Robot Friendship Ball showcases some of the latest and most innovative social robots in Australia. Get up close to a whole range of DIY-builds, artificial intelligence, pet therapy and humanoid robots. This is your chance to talk to students, makers, robots and experts, and of course the highlight of the evening is the robot dance-off where we share the dance floor with our robot friends. Whether exploring, making, coding, dressing up as a robot, or dancing, this event is a favourite with kids and adults alike. Great family fun for children five and over.


14 June 2019:
6:00pm - 8:00pm


General admission $12.00