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Library programs and services


Our programs and services

City of Canada Bay Libraries provide regular programs and services for all ages and interests throughout the year. Scroll down and open the tabs below to find something that may suit your needs.

For upcoming special events and workshops such as school holiday activities for children and youth or exhibitions, author talks, workshops and multicultural events, check out What's On and search the 'Library' tag.

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Regular children's programs

City of Canada Bay Libraries run regular programs during school terms for children and their parents or carers across all our three locations to stimulate early learning and literacy focusing on babies (0-1 years), toddlers (1-2 years) and preschoolers (3-5 years).

Click here and browse the 'Children' tag for school holiday activities and other special events. 

Children's programs When Where

Baby Rhymetime
For 0 to 1 year olds

Mondays (10:30–11am) Five Dock Library
Wednesdays (10:30–11am) The Learning Space
Thursdays (10:30–11am) Concord Library

For 1–2 year olds

Mondays (11:15–11:45am) Five Dock Library
Wednesdays (11:15–11:45am) The Learning Space
Thursdays (11:15–11:45am) Concord Library

Preschool Storytime
For 3–5 year olds

Mondays (11:15am–12pm) The Learning Space
Tuesdays (10:15–11am) Concord Library
Thursdays (10:15–11am) Five Dock Library

Multicultural Preschool Storytime 

For 3–5 year olds

Mondays (10:15–11am) The Learning Space

Want to help children with their homework or show them fun ways to learn online?

Discover our resources available under Interactive learning for children within our eLibrary.

For more information, please phone Concord Library 9911 6210, Five Dock Library 9911 6310 or The Learning Space 9911 6332


Youth Summer Reading program

Every December and January City of Canada Bay Libraries invite youth to take part in the Youth Summer Reading Program and be rewarded for their reading over the summer holiday period. Check out What's On and browse the Youth or Library tags. 


Regular Youth programs

The Youth Space is a program for youth in Years 7-12 during school terms, that provides a safe and friendly environment for young people to connect with their peers. These sessions are fully supervised by at least two staff members.

These programs are run according to a set of Youth Outreach Program Guidelines to ensure a safe space for all youth participating in the program. The names and addresses of the youth are not recorded and they are free to exit the program at any time.

                 Youth Programs



Youth Space
For Years 7 and above
School terms

Wednesdays (3:30–4:30pm)

Thursdays (3:30–4:30pm) 

Five Dock Library 

Concord Library 


The Lab for Youth with Autism

The Lab is a network of technology clubs for young people diagnosed with autism who enjoy working with computers. The Lab offers mentoring by technology professionals in areas such as programming, digital design, gaming and 3D modelling.

                 The Lab Five Dock

                 The Lab Rhodes

Ages:       10-13
When:      Mondays from 3:30–5:30pm
Where:     Five Dock Library
Cost:        Term fee applies

Ages:       13-16
When:      Thursdays from 3:30–5:30pm
Where:     The Learning Space, Rhodes
Cost:        Term fee applies


For more information, please contact The Learning Space on 9911 6332 or check our What's On details. Please register as a participant on The Lab website and select the appropriate location. Then we will send you a private information and a link to purchase tickets.


For more events and programs from youth across our three locations, click here

HSC and high school students


Search for articles and information in thousands of magazines, journals, newspapers, encyclopaedias and reference books. These eResources provide you with quality, reliable information to make your bibliography look great!

Explore our eLibrary

School and HSC collections

The school and HSC collection has everything you need to prep for your exams, including study guides, revisions, exam tips and past papers. The collection caters for years 7-12. Only four books from this collection can be borrowed at one time, with a three week loan period, and no renewals. If you cannot find what you need, our library staff can help you find information and resources to get your assignments and study completed. 

HSC Study More and Workshops

Each year, City of Canada Bay Libraries present a series of HSC extended hours events (called HSC Study More) and lectures by experienced speakers. Follow us on social media @canbaylibraries to be first to know. Free events and workshops will also be updated on What's On under the Youth tag.

For more details, please Contact Us.

Lifelong learning

Open Maker

Interested in 3D modelling, crafting and electronics? Open Maker is your place to drop-in, create, repair, and be part of a community that enjoys making! These casual, self-led sessions are the perfect opportunity to work with peers, share knowledge and use our Makerspace equipment.

Want a more structured learning experience? Keep an eye out for our facilitator-led Open Maker Workshops, with different skills and tech to learn every month.

For further information, sessions, workshops and resources click here, or please contact The Learning Space on 9911 6332.


Wrap with Love

Calling all knitters! Come along to Concord or Five Dock Library for a 'Wrap with Love' get together.

Wrap with Love is a not-for-profit organisation which organises volunteers to make wraps from knitted squares. The wraps are then sent to communities around the world to help those less fortunate.

Everyone is welcome to join whether you are an experienced knitter or a beginner.

  • Concord Library: Wednesdays at 2:30pm
  • Five Dock Library: Alternate Tuesdays at 10am.

Please bring 8 ply yarn and no. 8 or 4mm knitting needles.

Concord and Five Dock libraries are drop off points for completed squares, wraps, donations of wool and knitting needles.

For further information, please contact Concord Library on 9911 6210 or Five Dock Library on 9911 6310.


Tech Shed

The Tech Shed is a weekly get-together on Thursdays for those who want to make things, learn new skills, meet people and contribute to the community. Meet up for 3D printing, robots and electronics. Tech Shed is part of Harry's Shed (City of Canada Bay Men's Shed Inc). Membership of this organisation is required after initial attendance.

When:      Thursdays from 10am–1pm
Where:     The Learning Space at The Connection, Rhodes
Cost:        Annual membership fee with Harry's Shed

For more information, please email

For other upcoming workshops across our three locations, click here.

Home Library Service

Are you unable to access the Library due to illness or disability? Our Home Library service provides a personal service to individuals in need.

  • Bulk loans to residential homes, hostels, nursing homes and aged care facilities
  • Service to residents who provide full-time care
  • A temporary service for residents convalescing.

No age restrictions apply. New clients may need to provide a doctor’s certificate to confirm eligibility for the service.

We will select items based on your interests and deliver them to your home every four weeks.

If you are interested in this service, please contact our Home Library Officer on 9911 6211. You may also read the Home Library Policy and print out the Home Library Membership form for next steps.

Interlibrary loans

Items that are not held at City of Canada Bay Libraries can be requested from other libraries via Interlibrary Loans. A service fee will be charged per item as per City of Canada Bay Council's schedule of fees and charges. 

The Library is often not able to borrow high demand items or recently published works. Please be aware that there might be a time delay in sourcing and receiving items from other libraries.

For more information on this service, please read Library's Interlibrary Loans Policy.

Requests can be forwarded personally at the Library, by phone on 9911 6352 or via email.

Multicultural groups

Multicultural collections

Would you like to borrow books, magazines, DVDs and music in other languages? The library has a range of material in Chinese, Greek, Italian and Korean. Other languages can be borrowed on request from the State Library of NSW.

Newspapers in other languages are also available for you to read in the library.

Multicultural services

Multicultural Health Communication Service - provides up to date information on a large range of health issues, presented as fact files in over 60 languages. 

For more information, please contact Library Outreach Officer on 9911 6318.

Regular Multicultural programs 

Program When Where About
Greek Friendship Group First Friday of each month at 10am–12pm  Concord Library, 60 Flavelle Street, Concord

Do you speak Greek? Would you like to join a group to talk about Greek news, discuss Greek books or other matters of interest? Come along to our free Greek Friendship Group for morning tea and great conversations.

For more information, please contact Library Outreach Officer on 9911 6318.

Italian Bingo Third Friday of each month from 10am–12pm Five Dock Library, Level 1, 4-12 Garfield St, Five Dock

Do you speak Italian? Would you like to try Italian Bingo and some prizes? You and your friends are welcome to come along to our free Italian Friendship Group for some fun bingo and enjoy an Italian morning tea. Bingo calls will be made in both Italian and English, so everyone's welcome!

For more information, please contact Library Outreach Officer on 9911 6318.   

Korean Calligraphy Wednesdays from 10:10am–12pm The Learning Space, 30 Shoreline Drive, Rhodes

Do you speak Korean? Learn and practice calligraphy in this weekly class. To book or for more information please call 9911 6318 (English) or 9063 8808 (Korean).


Multicultural Preschool Storytime

Join us for an interactive mix of songs, stories and craft in Korean or Chinese language for children aged 3 to 5 years and their parents or carers.

Program When Where
Chinese Preschool Storytime Every second Monday from 10:15–11am The Learning Space @ The Connection, 30 Shoreline Drive, Rhodes
Korean Preschool Storytime Every second Monday from 10:15–11am The Learning Space @ The Connection, 30 Shoreline Drive, Rhodes 

For more information, please contact Library Outreach Officer on 9911 6318.

Justice of the Peace service

Concord Library

Time:         10am–12pm
When:        Every Monday and the first three Thursdays of every month
Where:       Concord Library, 60 Flavelle Street, Concord 2137
Bookings:  For bookings, please click here, contact staff on 9911 6210 or visit Concord Library.

Five Dock Library

Time:         10am–12pm
When:        Every second Wednesday of the month
Where:       Five Dock Library, 4-12 Garfield Street, Five Dock 2046
Bookings:  For bookings, please click here, contact staff on 9911 6310 or visit Five Dock Library.

Book groups

Library Book Groups

Book Club When Where About
Reader's Café Third Wednesday of each month at 10–11:30am Concord Library

Do you love reading books and like talking about them? Join us for an interesting discussion about the books selected by the group. Members are encouraged to share their thoughts about the book and the author's writing.

For further details or to join, email the Concord Librarian or phone 9911 6213.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Discussion Group First Monday of each month at 2–4pm Concord Library

Come and join in for a fun and friendly discussion on all matters of fantasy and science fiction – ranging from Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings and Dune to Blade Runner. Tell us about your favourite book, author or film from whichever universe you are from. Let your imagination run wild.

For further details or to join, email the Concord Librarian or phone 9911 6213.

Thursday Book Discussion Group Third Thursday of each month at 10–11:30am Five Dock Library

The Drummoyne Book Club is a self-run book club where members select books and share their reading experiences as well as reflections on the book and its author(s).

For further details or to join, please email the Five Dock Librarian or phone 9911 6310.

Afternoon Book Group Second Tuesday of each month at 1:30–3pm Five Dock Library

The Afternoon Book Group is a self-run book group with a friendly and lively discussion of printed, audio and e-books selected by members of the group. Each member takes responsibility for contributing to and leading book discussions.

For further details or to join, please email the Five Dock Librarian or phone 9911 6310.

Evening Reading Group Second Tuesday of each month at 6–7:30pm Five Dock Library

The Evening Reading Group is a self-run book group for animated discussions on selected titles. Members are invited to share their passion about the author and title nominated for the month.

For further details or to join, please email the Five Dock Librarian or phone 9911 6310.

Rhodes Readers and Social Club Fourth Monday of the month at  7–8:30pm The Learning Space, Rhodes

Come along to meet people and discuss a popular book! Join the self-run Rhodes Readers and Social Club at our spectacular waterfront venue The Connection, Rhodes. Coffee and tea are provided.

For more information, please contact The Learning Space Librarian on 9911 6332.


Chinese Reading Groups

Do you want to share the joy of reading with a group in Chinese? Come along and join our book club below.

Book Group When Where Contact
Blue Visions Book Club Fourth Sunday of the month at 2–4:30pm The Connection, Rhodes This group is for Mandarin speakers. For more information contact Sophia on 0433 606 188.
Start a book group

Interested in starting a book group? Follow these simple steps:


  • Find some other people to join (friends, colleagues, locals) 
  • Choose a book. If you don’t know what to read, click on one of the reading lists at the bottom of this page. 
  • Read the book and make some notes while you read 
  • Give other people enough time to read the book 
  • Set a convenient meeting time for everybody 
  • Decide on where you will meet and how (e.g. over coffee/tea or dinner). 


  • At your first meeting, introduce each other and your reading interests 
  • Lead the first book discussion to get things rolling 
  • Volunteer some information about the book and the author.
    Literary Reference Centre Plus is a good source for author information.
  • Prepare some questions for discussion. You might find some 
    book discussion questions at Good Reading Online.
  • Give everybody a chance to voice their views and reading experience
  • Relax and have a good time. 


  • Decide on a regular meeting time (e.g. Second Tuesday of each month at 10am).
  • Set some simple rules for your meetings (how much to read, politeness, talking in turns, etc.).
  • Choose some future books for discussion (consider genre, era, place, style, writers, plot). You can find similar authors and 'read alike' books at Gale Books and Authors or find inspiration via Good Reading Magazine.
  • Select a way to remind people of your next meeting (phone message, e-mail, SMS, etc.).


  • Keep some records of books discussed, members' contact details and how things went 
  • Select a club secretary who sends out reminders, keeps notes on meetings and books read 
  • Choose a leader for your book discussions or take turns on the leadership 
  • Contact us or your local library for further information and resources 
  • Send us your reading list via email and we will help with sourcing of books.
Booking library spaces

Members of the public can book library spaces for meetings, functions and more by making a booking here.