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1,000 Books Before School to officially launch in the City of Canada Bay

Children, Community & events, Council | 19 June 2024

City of Canada Bay Libraries are set to launch a new early learning program that will encourage children under five to read 1,000 books before they start school.

The reading challenge will help foster a love of books and reading in the youngest members of the Canada Bay community, via an interactive program that rewards children for their participation and gives them a head start in their learning journeys. 

"I am delighted to know that the children of Canada Bay will be supported in developing their vocabulary and listening skills early in life because of this great program," Mayor Megna said. 

Families are invited to come along to the launch, learn more about the program and participate in fun activities. Plus, the first 100 families to register for the program on the day will receive a free children's picture book!

Registration for the program is open to children from birth and parents can conveniently track their child's progress online or through the Beanstack app. The program ends when a child reaches 1,000 books, or when they start school.

Children who participate will be rewarded along the way with milestone stickers and will receive a completion certificate and ribbon badge when they finish the program.

Local children's illustrator, Dani Franza, custom designed the artwork for the program, which features whimsical woodland creatures that inspire curiosity and joy.

"1,000 Books Before School is a great example of our commitment to delivering programs that cater to the needs of our community. We know that children who read (and are read to) from a young age develop far better vocabulary and listening skills, critical thinking, and creativity, and can move ahead in life much faster and easier,” Mayor Megna said.

For more information about the launch, please visit:  


Children, Community & events, Council | 19 June 2024