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Business and Sustainability Awards: nominations now open!

Council | 06 February 2024

Nominations for the City of Canada Bay Business and Sustainability Awards are now open.

“These awards recognise the important work of businesses, community organisations and individuals in creating a thriving and sustainable city,” City of Canada Bay Mayor Michael Megna said.

“I encourage you to submit nominations for groups and individuals who have contributed to our area’s local economy – from businesses who have operated in Canada Bay for many years to newcomers who are making their mark on our city.”

The award categories include:

  • Environmental: recognition of a local business, community organisation and individual in the City of Canada Bay that has made environmentally responsible choices to tackle an environmental issue in the community.
  • Access and Inclusion: recognition of local business owners improving accessibility and/or providing sustainable employment for people with a disability.
  • Heritage: to commend members of the community for their work in conserving and maintaining heritage properties, properties that contribute to the significance of conservation areas, and for projects that encourage an understanding of heritage in the City of Canada Bay.
  • Community Partner: recognition of local businesses, organisations and individuals who partner with Council to provide a range of promotions and events for the community.
  • Service Recognition: recognition of local businesses and community organisations' success and longevity in the community. Milestones recognised are 25, 50, 75 or 100 years of service to the local community.
  • Customer Experience: recognition of our local businesses who go above and beyond in providing an exceptional customer experience.

Visit to find out more and submit a nomination before 22 March 2024.

Council | 06 February 2024