Calls for a new multi-level carpark in Five Dock
Tue, 16/02/2021 - 16:07

City of Canada Bay Mayor Angelo Tsirekas has called for a new multi-level carpark in the Five Dock town centre to address parking capacity concerns.

“Parking already is and will become more of a problem in Five Dock,” Mayor Tsirekas said. 

“With community and the local business chamber calling for increased parking capacity in Five Dock, we must make sure we are utilising our assets in the area to their potential. I believe there is an opportunity for Council-owned land to provide a far greater amenity to the surrounding precinct.”

“In the short term, parking will be reduced with increased and relocated bus bay areas, the commencement of the Metro station works, and Sydney Metro West’s removal of Council’s Second Avenue Parking area.”

“This reduction of parking will also affect residents in the surrounding streets who should not bear the burden of increased congestion.”

“Long term, with the growth of the town centre and opening of the Metro, further parking will be needed to accommodate growth.”

Council-owned car parking areas were identified as strategic opportunity sites in 2014 as part of the City of Canada Bay’s Urban Design Study for Five Dock.

Following endorsement at its February Council meeting, the City of Canada Bay will now undertake preliminary investigations into the traffic impacts and feasibility of a fit for purpose multi-level above or below ground car park facility to be built on Council land.

“I am requesting support from the State Government to also address this issue of parking in Five Dock and explore opportunities for partnership and funding with Council.”  

“We must prioritise this matter to ensure that today’s Five Dock Town Centre has the capacity to remain one of our area’s great thriving town centres, whilst also building capacity for Five Dock with an eye to the completion of the Sydney Metro West station.”