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Celebrating 10 years of ‘Our Living River’

Council | 20 March 2024

This month, the Parramatta River Catchment Group (PRCG), in partnership with the City of Canada Bay, will mark the 10th anniversary of the ‘Our Living River’ mission with a community day.

The event will be held on Sunday, 24 March from 10am to 1pm at Bayview Park, Concord, to recognise the considerable efforts of all who have contributed to improving the health and liveability of the river. 

“The City of Canada Bay is proud to work in partnership with the PRCG to reclaim the Parramatta River as a cherished natural asset that all members of the community can enjoy,” City of Canada Bay Mayor Michael Megna said.

“Years of hard work were realised in 2022 when we opened Bayview Park Baths in Concord – the first swim site to open on the river in over 50 years. This opening highlighted the significant strides that have been made in improving water quality, enhancing biodiversity, and fostering community engagement,” Mayor Michael Megna said.

The Our Living River mission statement was published in 2014 and detailed a goal to improve the health of the river and its catchment to enable swimming at selected sites by 2025.

It also outlined ambitions to conserve important ecological areas and increase habitat for wildlife.

The community day will include exciting stalls, activities, entertainment, and a free barbecue while attendees enjoy the scenic backdrop of the Parramatta River.

The event will include opportunities for kayaking, learning more about the bar-tailed godwit and other shorebirds, and swimming.

“We encourage the whole community to come along and recognise the achievements of the Our Living River Statement across the last decade, with plenty of exciting activities on offer for the whole community to enjoy,” Mayor Michael Megna said.

Council | 20 March 2024