The City of Canada Bay growing strong
Thu, 09/06/2022 - 09:53

The City of Canada Bay has kicked off a new round of tree plantings that will see the City’s streets and parks flourish with new greenery.

“Our urban canopy is taking on an increasingly important role in assisting us to adapt to climate change and ensure our City is resilient into the future,” City of Canada Bay Deputy Mayor Stephanie Di Pasqua said.

“These new tree plantings are part of an ongoing strategy to increase our tree canopy cover to 25 per cent by 2040.”

Trees help reduce urban heat, along with other benefits such as reducing air pollution and increasing biodiversity.

As part of our Urban Tree Canopy Strategy, the City of Canada Bay is prioritising future planting sites in strategic areas with the most potential plantable space.

Council has recently undertaken plantings in Five Dock Park, with more planned in the coming weeks in residential streets across Concord, Drummoyne and Five Dock.

By the end of 2022, the City of Canada Bay will have planted close to 4,000 trees throughout City, equating to a canopy increase of 2.5 per cent at maturity – or about 15 football fields of cover.

Since the Urban Tree Canopy Strategy was adopted in late 2019, Council has planted more than 2,000 trees and 20,000 shrubs, native grasses, and groundcovers. It has also given away more than 450 trees, nearly 2,000 shrubs and over 800 other plants to local residents to encourage planting on private land.

To find out more about growing the City of Canada Bay’s urban canopy, please click here.