Community anger sparks Rhodes trolley action
Mon, 29/04/2019 - 15:18

Mayor Angelo Tsirekas is urging community members to help keep Rhodes beautiful and return trolleys to the shops.

“I am outraged at the amount of shopping trolleys that have been dumped in and around Rhodes lately,” City of Canada Bay Mayor Angelo Tsirekas said.

“It is disappointing to see so many of these trolleys taken from shopping areas where they belong and left on the side of the road or in our parks.”

“Council staff are working hard to address this issue, on one day alone recently we impounded 37 trolleys. However for our community to beat the scourge of these trolleys strewn across our suburbs we all must take individual action.”

The City of Canada Bay have been working with shopping centres and strata managers to address this issue and educate the community. All dumped trolleys impounded by Council cost retailers $140 plus $15 per day.

Signs and banners put up in high traffic hotspots have resulted in more community members reporting dumped trolleys.

Customers are able to take advantage of home delivery services provided by some of the bigger retailers, as well as using reusable bags or reusable trolleys. Rhodes Waterside provides courtesy shopping carts that customers can use for 48 hours free of charge.

“I strongly urge all our community members to respect our area and help keep Rhodes beautiful by leaving trolleys at the shops,” Mayor Angelo Tsirekas said.

If you see a dumped trolley, report it to the City of Canada Bay Council on 9911 6555.

Photo caption: Mayor Angelo Tsirekas with City of Canada Bay Council ranger.