Famed Bondi street artist comes to Rhodes
Tue, 27/08/2019 - 10:37

City of Canada Bay Mayor Angelo Tsirekas announced Andre Braun, creator of famous Bondi street art, will bring a new exhibition to Rhodes this month.

“We are proud to present two new artworks by Switzerland-born, Sydney-based artist Andre Braun to The Digital Gallery,” City of Canada Bay Mayor Angelo Tsirekas said.

“The Learning Space boasts award winning programs and events located along the picturesque Rhodes foreshore. The Digital Gallery, situated within this space, is the perfect home for sound, digital, and video art such as Andre’s work.”

Andre Braun works across sculpture, photography, graphics and visualisation. He created the exhibition specifically for The Digital Gallery, using 3D visualisation to reflect on the impact of serious environmental issues affecting waterways around the world, including our very own City.

What Lies Beneath explores the realities of waterway pollution—both physical and chemical—revealing an underwater landscape otherwise hidden from view. Sea Rise in Canada Bay reflects on how an increase in extreme weather patterns could dramatically change our shoreline—posing the question, how would the City of Canada Bay look with a 2–3 metre sea rise?

“The concept for this project is based on my own observation of climate changing, born in Switzerland, witnessing with my own eyes (in over three decades) melting and shrinking glacier due to weather warming, increasing sea levels globally,” artist Andre Braun said.

“The work in display at the gallery highlights the same Canada Bay shoreline at two different sea levels, creating a unique vision of what the present and future could one day look like.”

“The waterway pollution, due to so many human factors, from oil leaking, overfishing, agriculture, plastic particles of all kinds, and often invisible to human eyes.”

The exhibition runs Monday, 26 August to Wednesday, 11 September during library opening hours.

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Artist Andre Braun at Bondi