Keep school zones safe
Thu, 25/01/2018 - 16:34

Law enforcement officers and NSW police will be monitoring parking and 40km/h speed limits around school zones to ensure drivers are well-behaved and students enjoy a safe return to school next week.

Mayor Tsirekas said law enforcement officers had a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to motorists doing the wrong thing around schools.

“The first week back at school is often a busy and stressful time for parents - we have 20 schools in the Canada Bay area, which attract high pedestrian and car activity during morning and afternoon peaks,” Mayor Tsirekas said.

“We encourage parents to be cautious and considerate when driving around schools, keep children’s crossings and driveways clear and not double park so children can arrive and leave safely,” he said.

‘No Parking’ signs placed in school ‘Kiss and Ride’ zones allow vehicles to stop for up to two minutes to set down or collect passengers, providing the driver remains within three metres of their vehicle.

Penalties include a $183 fine for breaching a ‘No Parking’ rule, a $439 fine for stopping on or near a children’s or pedestrian crossing and a $330 fine for double parking, as well as two Demerit Points for these offences.

“If you need to leave your vehicle unattended, for example while dropping off your child or speaking to a teacher, please park in an unrestricted space and allow other vehicles to move smoothly and swiftly through the ‘Kiss and Ride’ zone,” Mayor Tsirekas said.

More information on road safety around school zones can be found on .