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Local communities must be heard in plans for Sydney’s housing future

Planning & building | 21 March 2024

The City of Canada Bay has voiced concerns over several new planning reforms proposed by the State Government. 

The reforms could impact its unique neighbourhoods and further strain local roads and infrastructure.

Together, the proposed planning reforms could result in substantial changes to the building heights and densities across the City of Canada Bay, including apartments up to seven storeys in small town centres like Wareemba or Majors Bay Road shopping village in Concord.

“Council supports new, quality housing for Sydney’s growing population, but not at the expense of local heritage or without careful planning and investment in infrastructure to support this growth,” City of Canada Bay Mayor Michael Megna said.

The proposed reforms could also see the construction of high-density apartments in North Strathfield, as well as town houses, terraces and two storey apartment buildings around suburban town centres.

Under the proposed reforms, developers could also be eligible to receive 30 per cent uplift on any new apartment building across the City of Canada Bay should they meet certain affordable housing criteria.

“It's imperative that any planning reforms prioritise community engagement,” said Mayor Megna.

“Every community is unique, and therefore any changes to State planning should carefully consider impacts at a local level, to ensure decisions are made in the best interest of the communities that they affect.”

Council has detailed its concerns in two formal submissions to the NSW Government, as well as a submission into the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the Development of the Transport Oriented Development Program.

Click here for more information on the proposed reforms and the City of Canada Bay's response.

Planning & building | 21 March 2024