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New life for Drummoyne Wharf seawall

Council | 18 August 2020

Menzies Reserve in Drummoyne is now home to a beautiful living seawall.

“I am thrilled to share news about our $125,000 seawall project near Drummoyne Wharf,” City of Canada Bay Mayor Angelo Tsirekas said.

Besides repairing the existing seawall, Council installed 3D printed tiles along the seawall to create a diverse habitat for marine life to thrive.

“Using a specified tile pattern, we installed an integrated intertidal habitat aimed at improving the area for fostering marine life.”

“The tiles, printed by Reef Design Lab, are retro-fitted to seawalls and increase the size of reefs.”

They are designed to mimic microhabitat features commonly found on natural shorelines.

“Thanks to this project, the area’s marine biodiversity has improved and visitors to the area can enjoy beautiful reef tiles along the seawall.”

The new seawall promotes biodiversity and creates an increased source of food for local fish populations. The tiles also provide moisture, shade and water retention critical for the survival of additional marine life, including filter feeding species such as mussels and oysters.

The living seawalls tiles were installed directly on the Menzies Reserve seawall adjacent to the Drummoyne Ferry Wharf.

This project is part of Council’s Community Strategic Plan objectives to improve the environmental qualities of our open spaces and the Parramatta River.

“We are committed to improving biodiversity throughout our area and I am thrilled we can all enjoy the beautiful new seawall along Menzies Reserve,” Mayor Tsirekas said.

Council | 18 August 2020