New living art for our foreshore
Mon, 13/05/2019 - 10:47

The Bay Run and the popular waterside Taplin Park are now home to new mangrove inspired art works thanks to local community collaboration.


Students from Victoria Avenue Public School and St Marks Catholic Primary School have been working with the City of Canada Bay and local artists to create informative and inspiring art work for the community.

 “Each art work is part of the City of Canada Bay’s Mind our Mangroves project, which aims to raise awareness of the importance of mangroves and the need to protect them from vandalism,” City of Canada Bay Mayor Angelo Tsirekas said.

Discover a beautiful glass art installation at Taplin Park created by children from Victoria Avenue Public School and local artist Haline Ly.

“This art celebrates the flora and fauna found in the mangroves, as drawn by the students following their excursions into mangroves around the City of Canada Bay,” said Stacey Furner, Principal of Victoria Avenue Public School.

The unique bespoke glass art inspires local residents and bay runners to protect and cherish the mangroves around our foreshore.

“It was a pleasure to meet with local primary students and to see their amazing artwork brought to life. The collaboration is another wonderful example of community working together to care for our environment,” Cr Julia Little said.

Experience colourful stencil art along the Bay Run created by artist Jason Wing in collaboration with St Marks Catholic Primary School students.

“We worked with Jason Wing to come up with words and ideas about our foreshore, mangroves, and how precious our environment is,” said Emily Ibrahim, St Marks Catholic Primary School student.

The artist then took the words and transposed them onto the Bay Run for thousands of people to see as they walk, run, or cycle alongside the mangroves.

“It was great making art for this project. Our art work creatively show others why mangroves are important in our community and environment,” Emily Ibrahim said.

"It was also great making our own individual artworks at school after going on our Investigating Mangroves excursion at Sydney Olympic Park. We learnt about mangroves and how important they are to our environment".

“Working with Jason Wing and the City of Canada Bay on this project has been instrumental in the students’ growing knowledge about our precious environment and their creative practice,” said Georgina Abboud-Azar, St Marks Catholic Primary School art teacher.

“Students also created mixed media art work of mangroves, including water colour, paint, and oil pastels,” Georgina Abboudazar said.

These works have been printed onto large banners flying high along the Bay Run for all to see.

“I hope all who pass these creative art works will be reminded of our precious foreshore flora and continue to mind our mangroves,” Mayor Angelo Tsirekas said.

Photo caption: L to R - Kayla Robson, Didier Oros, Cr Julia Little, Victora Avenue Public School Principal Stacey Furner