Taking the lead on responsible dog ownership
Thu, 07/10/2021 - 23:39

The City of Canada Bay is calling on residents to help protect local biodiversity and improve public safety by keeping their dogs on a lead.

“There is nothing better than being out and about in our parks and green spaces with our furry friends,” City of Canada Bay Mayor Angelo Tsirekas said.

Over the past few years the City of Canada Bay has invested heavily in planning for and delivering local dog park facilities.

“As dog ownership has increased, we have worked hard to provide for the community and I am pleased to say we now have 20 off-leash dog parks across our City.”

These areas are designed to be a safe space for owners and dogs to play without the requirement of a leash.

“It is important to keep your dogs on a lead when outside of these designated areas. While you may be your dog’s best friend, please keep in mind that other park users and migratory shorebirds might not be,” Mayor Tsirekas said.

The City of Canada Bay is one of the few areas in Sydney where critically endangered Bar-tailed Godwits still survive. They are sensitive to disturbance and fearful of dogs. If you own a dog, you can help protect these birds from extinction.

The problem is not dogs killing birds, it is dogs chasing or disturbing birds when they need to forage. Migratory shorebirds need to feed sufficiently to rebuild their strength for the 11,000km flight back to the Arctic summer. If they don’t get enough food or rest, they are unlikely to survive their journey.

“To ensure our community is safe and our delicate biodiversity is maintained, please obey leash laws, go around large flocks of birds, and clean up after your dog,” Mayor Tsirekas said.

Penalties may apply for not following Council notices regarding animals in public places under Section 632 of the Local Government Act 1993.

To help educate residents about safe spaces to exercise their dogs, the City of Canada Bay has launched a new interactive map that allows visitors to explore our dog areas.

Click here to view the map and find out more about responsible dog ownership.