Tips for a sustainable Christmas
Mon, 13/12/2021 - 10:43

It's not impossible to have an eco-friendly Christmas. We've got you covered this year with info about how to recycle your tree and wrapping, as well as ideas for what to do with unwanted gifts.

1. Donate unwanted gifts

If you’ve received a gift you don’t need or isn’t quite your style, don’t throw it away! Give your gift a second chance by donating it to one of our charity bins located around the City of Canada Bay or come along to one of our clothing swaps.

We have three donation bins operated by local charity the Ted Noffs Foundation, which accept wearable clothing, shoes, accessories and usable manchester, as well as kitchenware, soft toys, books and other media.

Our other bins are operated by Australian Relief Organisation and King Cotton, and accept wearable clothing, shoes, accessories and usable manchester only.

To find out where our donation drop-off points are, or for more information about how to rehome your pre-loved items, visit our dedicated webpage.

2. Recycle your tree responsibly

If you can, opt for a real cut Christmas tree from a local, sustainable grower rather than a fake tree that will likely be made from plastic. A potted tree is even better as you can repot it or plant it straight in your garden once Christmas is over.

Remember, if you’ve opted for a real cut tree, don’t just dump it after Christmas. You can recycle your Christmas tree by cutting it into small pieces and putting it in your green-lidded garden bin. If you have a compost bin at home, you could also add cut-offs to your compost mix.

If you have a fake Christmas tree, make sure to pack it way carefully after Christmas so that it will last you for years to come.

3. Get creative with gift giving, wrapping and cards!

Did you know wrapping paper is often coated in a plastic film that gives it a shiny finish but also prevents it from being recycled?

There are many options for beautiful eco-friendly paper and cards these days, so make sure you choose recycled or compostable wrapping when shopping rather than the plastic stuff.

You could also get crafty and repurpose newspaper, old sheet music or fabric cuttings as wrapping.

Once you’ve unwrapped your gifts on Christmas Day, place your recyclable wrapping in your yellow-lidded recycling bin. A good rule of thumb to remember – if you gift wrap tears, it can go in your recycling bin, along with cards and envelopes.

4. Share an experience

Instead of buying things for your loves ones this Christmas, why not give them the gift of quality time? Take a picnic basket and bottle of wine to enjoy at one of our beautiful foreshore parks or enjoy a delicious meal at one of the great eateries and restaurants in the City of Canada Bay, while supporting local business at the same time. Looking for local places to go? Check out what's on offer at

5. Eat sustainable

Everyone enjoys indulging in a Christmas feast but your lunch doesn’t have to cost the earth. Source sustainable and ethical meat and seafood for your Chrissie lunch this year. Check out the Good Fish guide from The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) to help you buy sustainable seafood this Christmas. Sustainable Table has handy tips for buying ethically raised meat. For more information about eating more sustainably, visit our Sustainable Food page.