Dog training workshop

Dog training workshop

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Do you have a dog that will not come back when called? Do you want to be able to recall your dog in any environment? It is essential to have strong and reliable recall before letting your dog off leash. A strong recall means that you will be able to get them back on leash with ease. Along the foreshore and in public parks, a reliable recall can help protect local wildlife and ensure dog owners can take control of a situation before it becomes dangerous.

Join local dog trainer, Fiona Gaffney-Hurst, for a one-hour workshop where you'll learn how to communicate clearly with you dog using a rewards-based system. We'll cover how to implement a marker, correct and safe leash handling, luring technique, loose leash walking and recall. 

This workshop has been organised as part of Council's Protecting the Bar-Tailed Godwits project and is funded by the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust. Off-leash dogs are threatening to shorebirds and can disrupt their survival. Help us protect native wildlife by being a responsible pet owner.

If you do not reside within the City of Canada Bay but would like to attend an event, please email us at so that we can place you on a waitlist. If there are still places available we will contact you a week prior to the event to let you know that you can register.



15 October 2022:
1:00pm - 2:00pm


This is a free event.