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Sustainability at Ferragosto


At Ferragosto this year, we are actively working towards delivering a sustainable event in a number of areas.

Sustainable transport

Transport is often one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions for events. Here are some eco-friendly ways you can get to the festival:

  • Ride your bike. Bike parking is available at the event. 
  • Catch the free shuttle bus.
  • Walk. Get your steps up and walk to the event!

Single-use plastics

Stall holders are banned from distributing single-use plastic bags, straws, cutlery, food packaging and balloons. If possible, bring along your own reusable bags, cutlery and cups to help reduce waste.

Water stations or bubblers will be available at the event. Bring along your refillable drink bottle and you'll have access to free drinking water all day.

Learn about sustainable living

Visit the Council Information stall and speak to the Sustainability and Waste Team about embedding sustainable practices in your daily life.

Carbon neutral

Emissions from this event are offset to ensure our operations remain carbon neutral. To do this, we invested in projects that reduced or absorbed greenhouse gas emissions equal to what we produced, through the carbon offset market.