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The City of Canada Bay strives to be open and transparent about our performance. We take pride in our work and we want our community to be aware of how we are progressing with our key capital projects.

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In the 2019/20 financial year, the City of Canada Bay Capital Works program had a total budget of $33 million. Of that budget to date, we have spent $10,488,000. Click on the headings below to see how all our Capital Works projects are tracking.


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Parks and Recreation
Project Budgeted for 2019/20 Spent in 2019/20 Status Comment
Annual parks renewal program—playground equipment $305,000 $1,000 1 Five Dock Park playground and outdoor fitness—a second community consultation period will be undertaken in January.
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Alexandra Reserve playground upgrade—following the initial community consulation we are now seeking designs from playground firms. For more information click here.
Playground—Dunlop Reserve $200,000 $1,000 1 Stage three landscaping and beautification works completed 16 December 2019. Maintenance period for plantings is ongoing until late February 2020.
Annual skateboard park renewal program $30,000 $0 1 Works program is currently being scoped and costed. 
Wangal Reserve and Punt Park POM actions $1,658,000 $697,000 1 Stage one works were completed in 2019. 
Wangal Reserve works included: lighting improvements, new picnic furniture, new  BBQ, native planting and access improvements. 
Punt Park works included: model shed demolished, re-landscaping and pathway reinstatement.
The stage two consultation day was held on Saturday, 26 October 2019.
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Upgrade existing sightscreens at Drummoyne Oval $200,000 $0 2 Design of sightscreen structure being finalised. Works to commence in March 2020.
Goddard Park amenities building upgrade $207,000 $0 2 New picket fence to be installed around the oval, works commenced mid-December and are scheduled for completion early January 2020.
Building upgrade scope and costing is currently being developed.
Henry Lawson Park foreshore path $620,000 $254,000 1 Works commenced early in October 2019 and now nearing completion, with a few final touches remaining. Scheduled for completion in January 2020.
Works include a shared path, park furniture upgrades and plantings.
Lysaght Park sports field rebuild and lights $273,000 $135,000 1 Lights were installed in November 2019. Final testing and commisioning of lights to be completed in early 2020. Additional park modifications to be delivered this financial year.
Infrastructure Renewal—Cabarita and Bayview Park $128,000 $11,000 1 Road resurfacing completed at Cabarita Park in August 2019.
Minor works at Bayview Park were  completed in 2018.
A new drinking fountain was installed at Bayview Park in December 2019.
WestConnex water recycling connection $17,000 $0 3 Water quality sampling of WestConnex tunnel water is being undertaken to determine if it can be recycled for irrigation purposes.
Decking and BBQ area at Drummoyne Swimming Centre $33,000 $5,000 4 Project was completed for commencement of 2019/20 season.
Hoskins Reserve—Rhodes Community Garden upgrade $122,000 $123,000 4 Works are complete—planting and opening day was held on Sunday, 13 October 2019 with great success. 
Drummoyne Oval/Taplin Stormwater re-use $423,000 $0 1 Quotation documents are being prepared for stage one works.
Arthur Walker Reserve accessway $25,000 $20,000 1 Planting of embankment is now complete and establishing well.
Annual shade renewal program $50,000 $0 1 Project scoping is underway.
Annual outdoor exercise equipment program $144,000 $33,000 1 Five Dock Park playground and outdoor fitness—initial consultation period closed on 15 October 2019.
An onsite consultation day was held on Saturday, 12 October 2019.
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Jesse Stewart sports field rebuild $200,000 $0 1 Council has engaged a contractor and works are scheduled to commence mid-January 2020. 
Rhodes foreshore lighting replacement $515,000 $3,000 2 Temporary solar lights have been ordered for the Foreshore Park section. A consultant has been engaged to advise Council on smart poles. 
Dog off-leash site improvements $100,000 $5,000 1 Council adopted the Dogs in Public Places Strategy on 3 December 2019. Signage will be installed at dog parks in early 2020.
Rothwell Park rebuild $580,000 $1,000 1 Council has engaged a contractor  and works are scheduled to commence mid-January 2020.
Create a swimsite at Bayview Park $100,000 $0 1 Site analysis is underway. Water sampling has commenced.
New playground at Tom Murphy Reserve $210,000 $209,000 1 Works are complete. The official opening of the new space was held on Saturday, 2 November 2019.
For more information about this project, click here.
McIllwaine Park—river activation $420,000 $84,000 1 Detailed design continues, following feedback from the riverside community consultation day, held on 25 August 2019.
Water sampling has commenced. Click here for more information.
Litter bin replacement at Taplin Park and The Esplanade $35,000 $30,000 4 Project completed in November 2019. New bins have been installed.
Park signage audit and renewal $100,000 $0 1 Project scoping is underway. 
Sportsfields irrigation—rain Sensing upgrade $5,000 $4,000 1 Works were completed in  October 2019.
Sportsfields lighting—software upgrade $7,000 $7,000 1 Works were completed in  October 2019.
Parks renewal program—non-Playground equipment $100,000 $12,000 1 Assessment criteria being developed to determine priorities.
Timbrell Park POM and masterplan $75,000 $14,000 1 The community consultation period has ended (11 November—15 December 2019).
A community engagement report is currently being prepared and scheduled for publication in February 2020.
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Bridge inspection and assessment (minor bridges) $100,000 $0 1 Project plan is being prepared to guide the project.
Massey Park Golf Course safety screens (alongside 2nd hole) $290,000 $0 1 Project scoping is underway.
Club storage at Nield Park $10,000 $0 1 Design options being prepared.
Goddard Park picket fence $76,000 $3,000 1 Works on picket fence commenced mid-December 2019, with completion expected in January 2020.
Five Dock Leisure Centre—sprung floor $80,000 $70,000 4 New sprung flooring has been procured and installed at Five Dock Leisure Centre.
Other projects—Parks and Recreation $405,000 $214,000    
Parks and Recreation $7,843,000 $1,936,000    
Roads and Traffic
Project Budgeted for 2019/20 Spent in 2019/20 Status Comment
Annual accessibility works program (for example bus stop upgrades) $50,000 $1,000 1 A program has been developed and the works are curretly underway.
Annual capital works traffic facilities program $173,000 $156,000 4 The upgrade of the existing roundabout at the intersection of First Avenue and Ingham Avenue, Five Dock, and repairs to existing raised pedestrian threshold outside the Domremy Catholic College are complete. 
Annual footpath renewal program $944,000 $973,000 4 The renewal of footpaths have been completed in priority order.
Annual kerb/gutter renewal program $41,000 $12,000 4 Works are now completed.
Annual regional roads program $116,000 $0 1 Burwood Road asphalt and slab replacement works are underway and due to be completed in January 2020. Works for Harris Road are currently being planned.  This project is jointly funded by an RMS Regional Road Grant and the City of Canada Bay.
Annual road pavement renewal program $777,000 $206,000 1 Burwood Road asphalt and slab replacement works are underway and due to be completed in January 2020. Works for Harris Road are currently being planned.  This project is jointly funded by an RMS Regional Road Grant and the City of Canada Bay.
Roads to recovery program $700,000 $470,000 1 Slab replacement works at First Avenue, Five Dock is complete. Lavender Street has been resurfaced. Works on Blackwall Point Road include slab jacking and road shoulder repair works and are nearing completion. Hilly and McDonald Streets intersection upgrade is currently being planned.
The Terrace—embankment stabilisation $52,000 $0 1 Draft design and documentation are under review. Tender specifications and review of environmental factors are currently being prepared. 
Traffic Committee initiatives $40,000 $1,000 1 Identification of projects is currently underway.
Public domain plan transport interchange at station precinct $129,000 $0 2 Detailed design plans are currently being prepared.
Five Dock public domain streetscape (stage 2—southern end) $1,000,000 $25,000 2 NBN works are currently being finalised. Final design documentation being prepared in conjunction with review by RMS as the works are on an RMS classified road. Tenders will be called when the NBN have completed their works and the RMS have issued an approval for the proposed works.
Victoria Road footpath and Edwin Street intersection repair $1,000 $1,000 0 As a result of the Victoria Road Urban Design Review this project has been defered to allow the development of a design concept for the area in 2020/21.
New cycle connection QEP and Burwood Park—UIAP $769,000 $22,000 1 The detailed design for the new cycle connection between Queen Elizabeth Park and Burwood Park is currently underway. Council is seeking approval from RMS on changes to traffic signals at the Gipps/Broughton Street intersection. Street lighting requires Ausgrid's approval.
Canada Bay Bike Plan $69,000 $54,000 1 Preparation of the Canada Bay Bike Plan is currently underway. Anticipated to be placed on public exhibition in February 2020.
Moseley Street pedestrian crossing upgrade $19,000 $4,000 4 The project was completed in 2018/19.
Lyons Road footpath upgrade northern side $230,000 $0 1 Works have been planned to commence from late January 2020.
Annual bridge renewal program $500,000 $0 2 Program currently being developed.
Bin infrastructure—sensoring pilot $25,000 $26,000 1 Bin sensor pilot will commence soon in Rhodes and Concord.
Whittaker Street bus shelter $50,000 $47,000 4 Shelter installed in July 2019.
Pedestrian crossing safety improvement program $200,000 $0 1 Program currently being developed.
Intersection upgrade George and Pommeroy Street $250,000 $0 1 Investgiations to inform the design process is underway, with a head consultant for the intersection upgrade appointed to coordinate the investigations.
Travanion Street batter stabilisation $120,000 $0 1 Embankment stabilisation works are currently being investigated.
Regional cycleway Upgrade—RMS grant $100,000 $6,000 1 Route being investigated through preparation of the bike plan which has commenced. Consultation is anticipated to be undertaken in March 2020.
Canada Bay Bike Plan implementation program $100,000 $0 1 Works will be planned once the Canada Bay Bike Plan has been adopted by Council. The Canada Bay Bike Plan is currently being prepared.
Pedestrian Access Mobility Plan (PAMP) $100,000 $0 2 Program is under development and scheduled to be ready in February 2020.
Jellicoe Street, Concord road closure $650,000 $8,000 1 The final development of the piazza treatment design for the road closure is nearing completion. The construction works will be planned after comments on the design are assessed.
Tennyson Road, Mortlake pedestrian crossing $120,000 $7,000 1 Design of the lighting upgrade for this crossing is currently being designed.
Victoria Avenue, Concord West pedestrian crossing $70,000 $6,000 1 Design of the lighting upgrade for this crossing is currently being designed.
Victoria Avenue Concord West footpath $60,000 $0 4 Works for the construction of this new footpath to minimise a pedestrian safety issue has been completed.
Other projects—Roads and Traffic $0 $0    
Roads and Traffic $7,455,000 $2,025,000    
Buildings and Property
Project Budgeted for 2019/20 Spent in 2019/20 Status Comment
Buildings renewal $808,000 $438,000 1 The following refurbishment works were completed in the first five months of this financial year:  the enterance at Drummoyne Swimming Pool, Five Dock Early Childhood Centre and Greenlees Tennis Centre Clubhouse, replacement of skylights at Five Dock Library, repairs to Massey Park Golf Course roof and internal painting works at Concord Kindergarten. Works scheduled for the coming months include: Chiswick Community Centre internal painting and timber floor renewals, repainting of The Connection Event Space, new internal wall panels and external timber staining works.
The Connection—building works $100,000 $99,000 1 Repairs to the art lighting have commenced. 
Solar panel installations $24,000 $6,000 4 Solar panels were installed on three Council facilities in 2018/19 (Concord Library, the Council Depot and the Civic Centre). Project defects are currently being finalised.
Cabarita pool solar hot water $130,000 $0 1 The benefits of solar hot water have been compared to heat pumps for the Cabarita Pool with heat pumps being determined as preferred. Details regarding installation location and date are being considered with works to take place in early 2020.
Cabarita pool—replacement of lift and ramp build $933,000 $261,000 1 Replacement lift with marine grade finishes has been ordered and is currently being manufactured. It is due to be delivered and installed in early 2020.
Accessible ramp from pool entry to pool deck was completed for opening of swimming season at beginning of September 2019.
Cabarita swimming centre additional shade $50,000 $0 1 Project planning proposed to commence in the second quarter.
Drummoyne pool lighting upgrade $120,000 $0 3 Requirements for proposed lighting upgrade being investigated.
Solar panel installations at The Connection $175,000 $0 2 System requirements are currently being investigated to increase the number of solar panels at The Connection in order to offset electricity consumption. Once system requirements are known, procurement will be undertaken.
Other projects—Buildings and Property $450,000 $0    
Buildings and Property $2,790,000 $804,000    
Library and Community Services
Projects Budgeted 2019/20 Spent 2019/20 Status Web Comments
Other Projects - Library and Community Services $20,000 $24,000  
Library and Community Services $20,000 $24,000
Major Projects
Project Budgeted for 2019/20 Spent in 2019/20 Status Comment
Halliday Park—automatic toilet installation $275,000 $3,000 1 Project planning commenced in late 2019.
Redevelopment of Concord Oval $4,000,000 $723,000 1 The project is progressing to the detailed design phase. Works anticipated to start in February 2020.
Charles Heath Reserve project $150,000 $10,000 1 Concept options are being assessed and will be reported to Council in the second quarter of 2019/20.
The Connection—shade sail installation $650,000 $36,000 1 Proposed design of an appropriate shelter structure is currently being undertaken with Council's architects. Development Application for the works was submitted in December 2019.
Timbrell Park fields and amenities upgrade $100,000 $0 0 Plan of Management for Timbrell Park is currently being undertaken. Concept design for building is being undertaken with Council's architects.
Synthetic playing surface and new amenities at Majors Bay Reserve $2,761,000 $2,536,000 1 Synthetic field expected to open in early 2020.
Cintra Park amenities netball—additions to building $1,460,000 $654,000 1 Construction has begun. Works are progressing to schedule with the new building expected to be reopened in April 2020.
New amenities at Majors Bay Reserve $2,209,000 $962,000 1 Building contract awarded with site works commencing in January 2020. Building works are scheduled to be complete in mid 2020.
Other projects—Major Projects $0 $0    
Major Projects $11,605,000 $4,924,000    
Drainage and Marine Works
Project Budgeted for 2019/20 Spent in 2019/20 Status Comment
Exile Bay flood study $169,000 $55,000 1 The City of Canada Bay has prepared a draft flood study  for the Exile Bay Catchment. The draft flood study will be exhibited in February 2020. The flood study will be used to inform the preparation of a Floodplain Risk Management Plan.
Seawall renewal-cap $140,000 $114,000 4 Dunlop Reserve Seawall repair is complete.
Improve passive water craft access at Battersea Park $107,000 $105,000 4 Battersea Park passive water craft access has been completed and is open for public use. This facility is not suitable for launching powered or heavy water craft.
Uhrs Point Reserve launch facilities $100,000 $25,000 1 The City of Canada Bay is undertaking an investigation into providing a passive water craft launch facility.
Massey Park environmental protection options study $138,000 $0 1 The City of Canada Bay is investigating options to repair the Massey Park stormwater canal. 
Foreshore structures—Menzies Reserve $180,000 $102,000 4 Council has completed the repairs to the existing seawall to maintain its structural integrity.
Foreshore structures—Iron Cove $1,371,000 $0 1 Council will be repairing the existing seawall along the Bay Run from Brent Street to near Millar Street, Drummoyne. The existing sea wall is suffering from erosional impacts. The seawall will be repaired as a rock revetment wall which provides good environmental habitat to support the ecology of Iron Cove. Work commenced December 2019 with completion planned in April 2020.  
Foreshore structures—Pelican Reserve $120,000 $8,000 1 Seawall repairs will commence in 2020.
Drainage—CCTV inspections condition rating and defects $100,000 $0 1 Council is implementing a five year program to assess the condition of our underground pipe network. This data will be used to program pipe renewal works. 
Drainage—Lower St Georges Crescent $325,000 $2,000 1 The City of Canada Bay is redesigning the outlet of the existing stormwater pipeline to prevent blockage by the sand beach.
Floodplains—Powells Creek East Catchment $150,000 $0 1 Council is about to commence preparation of an updated draft flood study for the Powells Creek catchment. The flood study will be used to inform the preparation of a Floodplain Risk Management Plan.
Drainage Renewal Burnell Way pipe re-lining $161,000 $162,000 4 Pipeline relining works have been completed to ensure the function of this pipeline.
Drainage Renewal Boronia, Murray, Mons Street Tonkin Pipe $226,000 $202,000 4 Pipeline relining works have been completed to ensure the function of this pipeline.
Other Projects - Drainage and Marine Structures $0 $0    
Drainage and Marine Structures $3,287,000 $775,000