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The City of Canada Bay strives to be open and transparent about our performance. We take pride in our work and we want our community to be aware of how we are progressing with our key capital projects.

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In the 2020/21 financial year, the City of Canada Bay Capital Works program had a total budget of $57.75 million. Of that budget to date, we have spent $2,127,000. Click on the headings below to see how all our Capital Works projects are tracking.

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Parks and Recreation
Project Budgeted 2020/21 Spent 2020/21 Status Comment
Annual Parks Renewal Program - Playground Equipment $291,000 $218,000 1 Five Dock Park Playground and Outdoor Fitness  - construction work commenced in June 2020 and was completed in time for the community to enjoy in the October 2020 long weekend. For more information visit: https://collaborate.canadabay.nsw.gov.au/new-five-dock-park-playground
Alexandra Reserve Playground Upgrade - works commenced in late September and due for completion late October 2020. For more information visit: https://collaborate.canadabay.nsw.gov.au/alexandra-reserve-playground-upgrade
Annual Skateboard Park Renewal Program $150,000 $0 1 This year's program will include improvements to the skate bowls and surrounds, to ensure a safer experience for skaters, riders and visitors to the park. This will also include improvements to sit, watch or relax. We are currently prioritising these works and working with our Community Services Team to reach out to the skating community.  The works, once prioritised will be scheduled around any skate events and be completed before June 2021.
Wangal Reserve and Punt Park POM Actions $936,000 $274,000 1 Stage 1 works were completed in 2019. 
Wangal Reserve works included: lighting improvements, new picnic furniture, new BBQ, native planting and access improvements. 
Punt Park works included: Model shed demolished, re-landscaping and pathway reinstatement.
The Stage 2 works commenced in July  2020 and include a new playground and flying fox along with jetty works, these works are due for completion in November 2020. A kayak launch area will be completed in early 2021. For further information head to: https://collaborate.canadabay.nsw.gov.au/wangalupgrades
Upgrade existing sightscreens at Drummoyne Oval $167,000 $2,000 1 New sightscreen rails are being installed. Construction has commenced with completion scheduled for October 2020. 
Westconnex water recycling connection $17,000 $0 1 We are currently reviewing water quality sampling results.  Feasilibility study being prepapred for water treatment options to inform a future design.
Decking and BBQ Area at Drummoyne Swimming Centre $8,000 $0 4 Works completed August 2019
Drummoyne Oval/ Taplin Stormwater re-use $516,000 $0 1 We are seeking quotations for Part A - pipeline, tanks and pumps and developing specifications and tender documents for  Part B - water reuse system.
Annual Shade Renewal Program $90,000 $60,000 1 Cabarita Park playground shade cloth was renewed in late June 2020. A shade cloth is being installed at the new Five Dock Park playground with works due for completion in early October 2020. A new shade structure has been installed at Murphy Reserve, Mortlake.
Annual Outdoor Exercise EquipmentProgram $211,000 $0 1 Five Dock Park Playground and Outdoor Fitness  - construction work commenced in June 2020 and was completed in time for the community to enjoy in the October 2020 long weekend. For more information visit: https://collaborate.canadabay.nsw.gov.au/new-five-dock-park-playground 
Rhodes Foreshore Lighting Replacement $498,000 $12,000 2 Foreshore lighting specifications and designs are being finalised in October in preparation to tender for works. Smart City principles are being incorporated into the design.
Dog Off - Leash Site Improvements $100,000 $49,000 1 Council adopted the Dogs in Public Places Strategy on 3 December 2019. Signage was installed at dog parks in early 2020.
A dog-off leash trial at Henley Park, Concord has finished.  A fence was installed in July, along the Flavelle Ave edge of the park.
Additional bins and bubblers have been ordered for installation at off-leash sites that currently do not have them
For more info visit: https://collaborate.canadabay.nsw.gov.au/henley-park-leash-trial
Create a Swimsite at Bayview Park $290,000 $5,000 1 Site analysis underway, including water quality sampling.  A concept design has been prepared. Consultation closed on 25 September 2020. We are currently reviewing the submissions from the consultation. For further information, please visit:  https://collaborate.canadabay.nsw.gov.au/bayview
Urban Canopy Strategy $220,000 $0 1 Development of a Street Tree Masterplan and Tree Inventory is scheduled to be prepared this year for adoption by Council by June 2021. A consultant's brief is currently being prepared to commence these works.
McIllwaine Park - River Activation $3,276,000 $12,000 2 Detailed design is being finalised, following feedback from the Riverside community consultation day, held on 25 August 2019 and review by key stakeholders. Water quality sampling has commenced and sediment testing is being conducted. On-ground works are expected to commence late 2020 with works expected to be complete by mid to late 2021.  For more information visit: https://collaborate.canadabay.nsw.gov.au/braysbay
Goddard Park Crib Wall remediation works $150,000 $2,000 1 An engineer's report is being prepared to enable repair works on the crib wall, scheduled to be completed by June 2021.
Park Signage Audit & Renewal $175,000 $0 1 Bay Run - Council is currently preparing plans for the upgrade of signage along the Bay Run. The budget allocated to this aspect of the project is being adjusted to better accomodate heritage and other key signage needs of this iconic location.
Park Signage - a program of refreshing and renewing signage across our parks is underway. These works will be delivered through a series of iterations, starting with the most urgent renewals identified in recent audits. Quotes are being sought to renew the City Identifier signs on Victoria Road, Drummoyne and Concord Road at Ryde Bridge.
Parks Renewal Program - Non - Playground Equipment $138,000 $84,000 1 Foreshore improvements at Armitage Reserve, Chiswick were completed in July 2020.
Timbrell Park POM & Masterplan $40,000 $0 2 The project has been delayed pending the outcome from investigations into an Aboriginal Midden. For further details go to - https://collaborate.canadabay.nsw.gov.au/timbrell-park-POM
Massey Park Golf Course Safety Screens (Alongside 2nd hole) $415,000 $0 1 Safety screen design works commenced in August 2020 and construction is expected to be completed by December 2020.
Light Poles Condition Report & Priority Renewals $100,000 $0 1 Existing information on Council owned lighting has been reviewed and  a revised report will be prepared to assess the condition of all of Council owned light poles, to allow planned maintenance and renewal. A consultant's brief is being finalised to request quotation for works. The report will inform future maintenance and renewal of these Council assets.
Queen Elizabeth Park - Royal Circle Restoration $25,000 $1,000 1 A key stakeholder working group is reviewing a report that has been prepared to identify restoration of the Royal Circle in Queen Elizabeth Park.  This report will inform the scope and values of the proposed restoration works.
Catchment Management - Study and Implementation $120,000 $0 1 By June 2020 a catchment sudy will be preparded to support the Our Living River Initiaitve to make the Parramatta River swimmable again.  This study will look at how we can improve management of stormwater run-off in the Canada Bay Local Government area.  The actions that are identified will be costed and prioritised to inform future budget review processes.
Lysaght Park Path Lighting and Vegetation $163,000 $13,000 1 Perimeter landscaping has been developed to act as a buffer between the road and the sportsfield.  Pathway lighting concept designs are available to review via community consultation, open between 18 September and 9 October 2020.  For more information please visit: https://collaborate.canadabay.nsw.gov.au/lysaghtparklighting
Five Dock Park PoM Implementation $30,000 $0 2 Upon adoption of the draft Five Dock Park Plan of Management, key actions will be implemented. We are currently awaiting Native Title advice.
Playground upgrade - Queen Elizabeth Park $250,000 $0 1 We are currently finalising an upgrade to  Alexandra Reserve playground. Five Dock Park playground was completed in time for the 2020 October long weekend. Early planning for Queen Elizabeth Park playground is underway. As the year progresses, consultation will commence for the renewal of Queen Elizabeth Park playground. Consutlation is likely to take place in early 2021.
Playground upgrade - Henley Park $150,000 $0 1 Planning and consultation will commence in November for the renewal of Henley Park playground (after the work on Five Dock Park & Alexandra Reserve playgrounds has been completed).
DIAP - Parks & Playgrounds $150,000 $7,000 1 An audit of our playgrounds has been conducted to enable prioritisation of improvements for access and inclusion.  The audit will be discussed at the Playground Advisory Committee meeting in October 2020.
Nield Park Sportsfield Lighting $250,000 $1,000 2 Planning is underway to replace the sportsfield lighting at Nield Park by the 2021 winter season. Consultation with the community is expected before the end of 2020 and a Development Assessment will be preppared . The previous light poles were removed in June 2020, in the interest of public safety.
Other Projects $486,000 $64,000  
Parks and Recreation $9,412,000 $804,000
Roads and Traffic
Project Budgeted 2020/21 Spent 2020/21 Status Comment
Annual Accessibility Works Program ( Bus Stop Upgrades etc) $500,000 $1,000 1 Annual Accessibility Program has been expanded to include new footpath works identified in the interim PAMP. Bus stop upgrade works are to commence in 6 locations in October.
Annual Capital Works Traffic Facilities Program $156,000 $0 1 Draft Traffic Facilities program  has been developed. Design works have commenced.
Annual Footpaths Renewal Program $500,000 $2,000 1 Footpath renewal works will include Duncan Street, Drummoyne. These works will start in October.
Further works will be planned under the program in coming months.
Annual Kerb/Gutter Renewal Program $145,000 $0 1 The major projects for the Kerb & Gutter Renewal Program this year will be works in Duncan Street, Drummoyne, Bayview Street, Concord and Speed Avenue, Russell Lea.
Annual Regional Roads Program $122,000 $0 1 The Regional Road Repair Program is jointly funded by RMS and Council. Under this program, further works will be undertaken on Harris Road, Five Dock. The proposed works is continuation of slab replacement works which were undertaken in June 2020. Scoping of the next stage of works has commenced, with work planned for late Quarter 2 / early Quarter 3.
Annual Road Pavement Renewal Program $484,000 $1,000 1 The project is complementary to the Annual Regional Roads Program and represents a contribution from Council towards these jointly funded works.  The works will be undertaken on Harris Road, Five Dock.
Roads To Recovery Program $361,000 $1,000 1 A civil design for works on Speed Avenue, Russell Lea is currently underway. 
The Terrace - Embankment Stabilisation $552,000 $0 1 Design and documentation for this work is complete. The works are planned to commence in the second half of this financial year. 
Traffic Committee Initiatives $40,000 $0 3 A garden bed is to be constructed in the Bertram Street/Hilly Street, roundabout.
Additional projects will be identified through issues raised at Traffic Committee.
Public Domain Plan Transport Interchange at Station Precinct $80,000 $5,000 1 Feedback from TfNSW is currently being reviewed. 
Victoria Road, Drummoyne - Public Domain Design $300,000 $0 1 A public domain design will be developed for Victoria Road and surrounding streets under Victoria Road Urban Review. A brief is currently being prepared for design & documentation.
New Cycle Connection QEP and Burwood Park - UIAP $1,678,000 $21,000 1 Construction works are currently underway. The section between Park Avenue and Burton Street is almost complete. Nightworks  in Broughton Street at the intersections with Parramatta Road and Gipps Street will happen in October.
Canada Bay Bike Plan $54,000 $0 1 Draft Bike Plan will be prepared pending outcomes of E-W regional cycle route project. 
Annual Bridge Renewal Program $250,000 $0 1 An assessment on public bridges with LGA was completed in 2018. A draft program of works has been developed with works on the Gipps Street pedestrian bridge to occur in the first half of 2021.
Intersection Upgrade George and Pomeroy Street $1,351,000 $85,000 1 Department of Planning, Industries and Environment has funded design & documentation for the proposed intersection upgrade.  A final business case is being prepared to support the proposal. Extensive investigation of public utility services is currently underway.
Travanion Street Batter Stabilisation $100,000 $0 1 An investigation of feasible options is currently underway. Further investigation is required due to the presence of Ausgrid services at the location.
Regional Cycleway Upgrade - RMS Grant $1,500,000 $2,000 1 Community consultation was undertaken in July/August 2020 and is scheduled to be considered at the October Council meeting.
Canada Bay Bike Plan Implementation Program $197,000 $0 1 Consultation was undertaken in September 2020 regarding the construction of a shared path connecting between Russell Park and Lysaght Park on Byrne Avenue.
Further works will be planned as the new Canada Bay Bike Plan is finalised and adopted in early 2021.
Pedestrian Access Mobility Plan (PAMP) $100,000 $0 2 A consultant will be engaged shortly to prepare the plan, including extensive community consultation.
Jellicoe Street, Concord Road Closure $585,000 $5,000 1 The road closure has been approved by TfNSW. KK Civil has been appointed to carry out the works to construct the new piazza, with works having commenced in late September 2020.
Tennyson Road, Mortlake Pedestrian Crossing $100,000 $5,000 1 Light design issues are currently being resolved to enable construction of the crossing.
Homebush Bay Drive & Harrison Avenue Crossing Design $60,000 $2,000 1 A concept design has been developed. Council is currently seeking feedback from TfNSW on proposed pedestrian crossing.
Clermont Lane - Parking Barrier $125,000 $0 1 Design solutions are currently being explored in consultation with key stakeholders.
Local Roads Rejuvenation Program $100,000 $0 1 The program is under development and planned for early 2021.
Cooper Street, Strathfield - Upgrade Design $150,000 $0 1 A geotechnical investigation is being carried out to identify the required pavement design for Cooper Street.
Park Avenue/Renwick Street - pedestrian refuges $100,000 $0 1 Community consultation was undertaken in September 2020 to inform the detailed design process.
Greenlees Avenue - Design parking treatment adjacent to park $40,000 $0 1 Design work has commenced with community consultation expected to occur in early 2021.
Wellbank Street - Design car parking treatment $20,000 $0 1 Design work has commenced with community consultation expected to occur in early 2021.
Footpath Condition Data Collection $85,000 $0 2 A condition and defect audit for footpath assets within our LGA will be carried out in 2020/21 financial year. A consultant is soon to be appointed and the data collection will be scheduled after this engagement is finalised.
Roads and Traffic $9,835,000 $130,000  
Buildings and Property
Project Budgeted 2020/21 Spent 2020/21 Status Comment
The Connection - Building Works $15,000 $0 1 The Connection, when completed created a hub for local residents.  This highly utilised building is being developed to better serve the community by aiming to achieve a Green Star Rating of 4 Stars.
Cabarita Pool Solar Hot Water $130,000 $0 1 Works scheduled to commence in October 2020
Cabarita Pool - Replacement of lift and Ramp build $395,000 $0 4 Works completed
Cabarita Swimming Centre Additional Shade $50,000 $0 1 Planning is underway for  the design of the new shade structure.
Solar Panel Installations at The Connection $171,000 $0 1 Works scheduled to commence in October 2020
Club Storage at Nield Park $10,000 $0 2 Storage solutions being assessed.
Drummoyne Pool Lift Replacement $158,000 $95,000 1 Works commenced, due to be completed beginning of October 2020. 
Arthur Walker New Amenities Building $25,000 $0 1 Review of building requirements being prepared to inform the design brief.
Kokoda Track - Storage & car park lighting $80,000 $0 1 Planning is underway to improve car park lighting and storage at the Kokoda facility.
Other Projects $420,000 $7,000  
Buildings and Property $1,454,000 $102,000
Major Projects
Project Budgeted 2020/21 Spent 2020/21 Status Comment
Five Dock Public Domain Streetscape (Stage 2 - Southern End) $2,825,000 $27,000 2 Project RFQ is live as of 22/09. Works are scheduled to be complete in 2021.
Goddard Park Amenities Building Upgrade $1,286,000 $10,000 2 Collins and Turner have been appointed as the Architect for this project. Concept designs are being undertaken and community consultation will be undertaken in late 2020.
Halliday Park - Automatic Toilet Installation $475,000 $0 1 Conybeare Morrison have been appointed as the Architect for this project. Preliminary studies and concept design options are being undertaken for a non-automated toilet block, with community consultation to occur in late 2020. 
Redevelopment of Concord Oval $24,000,000 $553,000 1 Demolition works complete. Main buidling works to commence by end of October.
Charles Heath Reserve Project $1,600,000 $4,000 1 Reviewing community engagement survey.
The Connection - Shade Sail Installation $580,000 $322,000 4 Construction is complete, with the amphitheatre now open to the public.
Timbrell Park Fields and Amenities Upgrade $1,980,000 $26,000 2 A Development Application (DA2020/0137) has been lodged for this site. Please refer to Council's Online DA Tracking Tool for further information regarding the DA. To receive email updates on the amenities building project, please follow the Collaborate page on https://collaborate.canadabay.nsw.gov.au/timbrellamenities
Major Projects $32,746,000 $942,000  
Drainage and Marine Works
Project Budgeted 2020/21 Spent 2020/21 Status Comment
Exile Bay Flood Study $74,000 $17,000 1 Council has completed the Exile Bay Catchment Flood Study and will now proceed to undertake the Exile Bay Floodplain Risk Management Study
Uhrs Point Reserve launch facilities $18,000 $0 1 Council has secured a grant under the TfNSW 'Boating Now' program which is designed to encourage recreational use of our waterways.  A detailed design is currently underway and community engagement has commenced and comments will be taken into account prior to finalising the design.
Foreshore Structures - Menzies Reserve $10,000 $10,000 4 Menzies Reserve Seawall repairs have been completed. Living Sea Wall tiles have been attached to increase habitat and biodiversity of this seawall. 
Foreshore Structures - Iron Cove $133,000 $107,000 1 Subject to Council grant funding under the Coast and Estuaries Management Program, Council proposes to undertake the design for the renewal of seawalls from Sisters Bay to north of Iron Cove Bridge. The existing seawalls have reached the end of their serviceable life. A further grant application for the implementation of the renewal works will be made at the completion of the design.
Drainage - CCTV inspections condition rating and defects $100,000 $24,000 1 Council is undertaking CCTV inspections of its drainage system to identify stormwater pipes that require relining and will help to develop long term renewal programs.
Drainage - Lower St Georges Cres $580,000 $0 1 Council is considering alternative options to address a flooding issue at Lower St Georges Crescent. Residents will be renotified once a suitable option has been determined.
Drainage  - Polding St $100,000 $0 1 Council is relining a pipe which flows from Polding Street to Bowman Street, Drummoyne
Floodplains - Powells Creek East Catchment FS, FRMS, FRM $275,000 $0 1 Council has engaged a consultant to undertake the Powells Creek Catchment Flood Study. The draft Flood study will be publicly consulted.
Uhrs Point recreational craft lauch facility $790,000 $0 1 The Connection, when completed created a hub for local residents.  This highly utilised building is being developed to better serve the community by aiming to achieve a Green Star Rating of 4 Stars.
Pedestrian Crossing Safety Improvement Program $659,000 $0 1 Council has audited all Pedestrian Crossings for lighting compliance. The objective of this project is to prepare lighting designs for those pedestrian crossings which do not achieve compliance with the Australian Standards. Priority crossings such as the intersection of Hampden Road and Great North Road will recieve an upgrade this financial year. This project is a multi year program and pedestrian crossing lighting compliance upgrades will be prioritised as per program budget.
Minor pit and lintel - Drainage Renewal $100,000 $0 1 Council is auditing its pit and pipe network to identify maintenance works to ensure our drainage network is performing as designed.
Drainage Renewal Ada Street Tonkin Pipe line Re-lining $170,000 $0 1 Council will be relining a 'Tonkin' stormwater pipe in Ada Street, Concord to preserve the function of this drainage system.
Stormwater Pipe inlet safety program $100,000 $0 1 Council is auditing the safety of its stormwater pits. A program of safety upgrades will be developed and implemented over a number of future capital works programs. Implementation of safety upgrades will commenc in the current financial year.
Massey Park Landfill Protection Renewal $1,199,000 $36,000 1 Council wil be consulting the community regarding the renewal of landfill containment structures comprising the Massey Park Canal and the Exile Bay Seawall. Design development of the consulted concepts will also be performed.
Drainage and Marine Structures $4,308,000 $194,000