Bin Trim

Bin Trim

Businesses in the City of Canada Bay can now register for a FREE ‘Bin Trim’ waste assessment to help you reduce waste and recycle more. This will:

  • Save money on waste collection costs
  • Reduce waste sent to landfill
  • Enhance your corporate reputation.

The Bin Trim project is funded by the NSW EPA which aims to assist small to medium sized businesses reduce their waste.

Between 2014 and 2017, 330 City of Canada Bay businesses participated in the Bin Trim program and were helped to recycle an additional 1,604 tonnes of waste each year. This resulted in annual cost savings for businesses ranging from a few hundred dollars up to $10,000, depending upon the size of the business and existing waste arrangements.

To book your free assessment or find out more, visit the Bin Trim website.

Two local businesses who participated in the Bin Trim program are profiled in the below case study videos.