Further resources

Sustainable purchasing

City of Canada Bay is committed to sustainable purchasing and along with other councils in NSW use the Sustainable Choicewebsite to find out where to purchase sustainable products. Sustainable Choice was originally developed by the Local Government and Shires Association (LGSA) for use by Councils, but is a great resource for businesses that are committed to sustainability for two reasons:

  1. Like other local businesses, you can register your business as a supplier of sustainable products and/or services and reach new customers via Sustainable Choice
  2. Anyone can access the website and you can search for sustainable products and services to use in your own business or home.

Try out the Sustainable Choice website, and if you need help in registering your business please contact sustainablechoice@lgsa.org.au.

Sustainable transport

Transport access guides and public transport

You can make it easier for customers to visit your business by developing a Transport Access Guide that outlines the different transport methods to reach your site. You can encourage customers to use sustainable transport to access your business by including public transport, walking and cycling options in the guide. Transport Access guides can range from simple small maps showing your location, to including parking information, walking and cycling routes and relevant public transport details. The Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) have more information about Transport Access Guides, including a step-by-step guide to developing a Transport Access Guide for your business. The City of Canada Bay is serviced by buses, trains and ferries. Find up to date public transport information at the TransportInfo website.

Bike parking in Canada Bay commercial centres

Council has recently installed 26 Safe-T-Racks providing 52 bike parking facilities in the main shopping precincts. Cycling to work and the shops has many benefits including exercising, easy parking, saving on petrol costs and many environmental benefits.

Travel Plans and teleworking

Many businesses are developing Workplace Travel Plans, which contain resources, activities and initiatives to encourage employees to make use of sustainable transport options. For example, you can encourage your employees to cycle to work by taking active steps to make your workplace more cycling-friendly or facilitate a car-pooling scheme. Download a Travel Plan template from the Bicycle NSW website.
Teleworking is a work practice that offers benefits to business and the community. By working from home or a location close to home (telecentre) on an occasional or regular basis, employees can reduce their commute travel emissions and manage their work outputs more effectively. Find a step-by step guide to developing a Workplace Travel Plan at the TravelSmart website. Find out more about Teleworking and download a Teleworking Manual at the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) website.

LPG Vehicle Scheme

The objective of the scheme is to increase the use of LPG as a transport fuel. From 1 July 2011 the LPG Vehicle Scheme will be capped at 25,000 eligible claims paid in a year (1 July to 30 June) for the duration of the scheme to 30 June 2014. The current grant amount for LPG conversions completed between 1 July 2012 and 30 June 2013 is $1,000. If you buy a new vehicle that is fitted with LPG before its first registration, the rebate is $2, 000. Find full details of the LPG Vehicle Scheme on the AusIndustry website.