Rhodes Community Committee

The Rhodes Community Committee (RCC) was first formed in 2014 and has been established to strengthen communication and engagement between the Rhodes community and Council for the strategic development and improved liveability of the Rhodes peninsula (including Rhodes and Liberty Grove). This committee is not a decision making body of Council, however it provides an instrumental role in raising issues direct with Council to inform strategic projects as part of Council’s delivery plan.

The role of the Rhodes Community Committee is to:

  • Provide local insights and focus on strategic matters and plans for the Rhodes Peninsula

  • Assist Council with connection, communication and engagement of the Rhodes Peninsula community

  • Work in partnership with stakeholders to improve the liveability of the Rhodes area.

Up to 16 members are appointed to the RCC for a Council term and all members must live or operate a business in the Rhodes Peninsula.

Committee meetings occur quarterly. Additional meetings may be called to address special or urgent matters.

Committee meetings are chaired by a nominated City of Canada Bay Councillor representative.

Committee work is supported by the Place Manager Rhodes.

For full details on what is involved, read the 2022 Rhodes Community Charter by clicking here.

Applications for the current Council term are now closed.