Environment Advisory Committee


    Environment Advisory Committee

    Originally formed in 2003 as the Sustainable City Committee, the group is a representative of the City of Canada Bay community who are interested in contributing to the ongoing improvement of our natural environment.

    The Committee’s purpose is to provide Council with a community voice on environmental issues that matter to them and to assist Council in communicating and engaging with the wider community on environmental initiatives.

    The core objectives include:

    • Providing an avenue of communication from the community to council on environmental issues

    • Promoting and raising awareness of sustainability issues within the community

    • Supporting the implementation of Council's community strategic plan and adopted environmental strategies and policies

    • Utilising the skills and experience within our community to ensure Council projects and programs are best practice.

    The Committee meets bi-monthly, on the last Thursday of the month from 6:30-8:30pm. Committee members regularly volunteer their time at community events such as Ferragosto and develop local community projects which they identify as important community issues. In the past five years, the Committee has delivered a variety of community projects including:

    For more information, download the Environment Advisory Committee Charter, or email us directly.