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Engage Council

If you are considering undertaking driveway and/or ancillary works, consider engaging City of Canada Bay to manage the process for you.  Council currently offers a service that can manage the process of the construction of your driveway, or individual elements based upon your requirements.  There are many reasons to engage Council but most importantly, you will gain peace of mind that Council will ensure the works adhere to specified standards. Positioned locally, Council will also effectively manage the building process so you don't have to. When engaging Council you will have our long-term support and stability.

Important information

Please note that if you are proposing to install a new driveway or amending levels or widening an existing driveway, you are required to engage the services of a qualified professional to design the proposed driveway.   A longitudinal profile to true scale 1:25 in accordance with AS/NZS 2890.1:2004 off street parking standards is required indicating the levels of the vehicle path from the centre line of the road to the car space location. The design profile used to check for scraping is the 85th percentile vehicle; typically this is equivalent to the Ford Falcon sedan.

Should this not be provided at the time of lodgement of your ‘Driveway &/or Ancillary Works Location’ application this may cause a delay in the processing of your application and approval.

Why choose Council to construct your driveway and/or ancillary works?
  • No bond to pay

  • No additional inspection or re-inspection fees will be charged

  • No additional application form needs to be completed and separate approval issued in order to commence works

  • No need to engage and manage external contractors

  • No incomplete work charges and/or deductions from your bond, which would apply if you engaged a private contractor who did not complete works to Council standards

  • No non-compliant work charges and deductions from your bond, which would apply if you engaged a private contractor who did not complete works to Council standards

  • No stop work or penalty notices for non-compliance where a private contractor does not comply with standards delaying works

  • No concerns about non-completion of agreed works by a private contractor.

What is the process if I want to engage Council to construct the driveway?

The process to engage Council to carry out works on your behalf could not be simpler. 

  1. When lodging your driveway and ancillary works location application simply complete the ‘Council Quote Preparation Service’ section and pay the applicable fee

  2. If you choose to accept Council’s quotation, take the quotation along with your Driveway and Ancillary Works Location Approval letter to the Civic Centre at 1A Malborough St, Drummoyne, NSW and pay the quoted amount

Note: The quote is valid for 30 calendar days only.  Payment must be made within the 30 days and works ready to be scheduled immediately after payment is finalised.

  1. A Council Inspector will be in contact to confirm the commencement date and to answer any questions you may have.