Broughton Street Cycleway

The City of Canada Bay in its commitment to sustainability and supporting active transport, over many years has continued to expand our local bike network to provide a safe cycling environment for people of all ages and riding abilities.

Through the NSW Department of Planning and Environment’s Parramatta Road Urban Amenity Improvement Program, Burwood and City of Canada Bay Councils have been allocated funding to build a cycleway from Burwood Park to Queen Elizabeth Park. The City of Canada Bay’s responsibility is to undertake the works from Parramatta Road to Queen Elizabeth Park on the western side of Broughton Street.

This project adds to Council’s extensive bike network supporting both recreational and commuter cyclists. In Sydney, approximately 14.3% of residents are regular cyclists with over 1000 residents of the City of Canada Bay commute, via a range of transport modes, to Burwood for work.

Project outcomes include:

  • New 400m cycleway enabling a continual cycleway from Burwood Park to Queen Elizabeth Park
  • Planting of new Brushbox (Lophotemon confertus) street trees along Park Avenue
  • Pedestrian crossing reconfiguration on the southern side of the Burton Street intersection
  • Pedestrian facility reconfiguration at the Gipps Street and Parramatta Road intersections
  • Planting low hedging on street corners
  • Installing pedestrian amenity lights.

The project is currently at the design stage. The public consultation was undertaken during the period from Saturday 1, December to Friday, 21 December 2018. Construction works are anticipated to commence in 2019/20 financial year.